LA Goals Podcast GraphicThe LA Goals Podcast: Success Uncovered

Featuring LA’s most successful game changers – the LA Goals Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast featuring successful and proven industry experts. From Entrepreneurs and Founders to Influencers and Entertainers, the guests share their up and down journey, how they achieved their goals, reveal unique strategies to succeed, and answer listener questions.

Hosted by Esi Magic, Founder of LA Goals, topics can range from secrets on how to get ahead, to silly experiences that guests share. Similar to Esi’s personality, the show is meant to touch on important advice for success, but with a light-hearted and fun atmosphere. Ultimately, viewers will end each episode feeling inspired, entertained, but most importantly be able to take away real answers on how to succeed.

Episode 001 – Millennial Success Revealed Feat. Jackie Kossoff

Episode 002 – How To Be A Celebrity Stylist Feat. Andrea Ward 

Episode 003 – Spirituality On Your Path To Success Feat. Sofia Araya